"No, I don't expect to be saved. And that's fine."


I want to leave this house.

My mom feels like she’s alone in moving.
My dad paid for her friend to fly up here, paid for her cigarettes and food to help us move.
She just called me a little bitch.
She just told my dad he’s literally done nothing, when he’s done everything.
Her friend has also done ton of shit.
I’m not wanted. I’m a little bitch. I don’t do anything.

And now my drunken mother is fighting with my dad

I’d actually prefer my mother to go back to her pain killers. At least she wasn’t unpredictable all the time and was only mean 10 or 20 percent of the time.

So sick of my mother’s alcoholism. Just watched her make two people extremely nervous and embarrass my dad, my mom’s best friend and I.
And because she’s a belligerent drunk, she screams whenever talking so I now have a headache.